When to clean your septic tank


If you can describe septic tanks in one word, it is inconspicuous. If you just woke up and thought of the septic tanks outside your house, they probably drew your attention. As septic tanks help you treat the waste flowing out of your home, they require a little maintenance. You can know for sure that your septic tanks need cleaning if you notice; Sewage flowing back It usually starts with the bathrooms on the lower parts of the house where you see water in the toilet bowls rising.

22 May 2017

What You Should Consider When Hiring a Skip Bin


Gone are the days when neighbourhoods would just pile up their garbage in a corner of their street. Apart from health risks associated with such waste disposal methods, a pile of garbage can tarnish the overall image of your home or neighbourhood. The best alternative is a skip bin, which you can hire from various waste disposal companies. With a hired skip bin, all you have to do is put all your waste in the bin.

24 January 2017

Sanitary Bin Facilities for Your Small Business (Which Might Not Be Used So Often)


Did you know that the world has one of the Founding Fathers of the USA to thank for modern disposable sanitary pads? The idea of developing ultra-absorbent pads can be traced back to Benjamin Franklin, who developed such pads to be placed on soldier's injuries back in the 1700s. It wasn't until 1888 that these absorbent pads were commercially sold as sanitary products though. These original sanitary pads were decidedly more bulky than the multitude of ultra-thin products that are available nowadays.

11 January 2017

Agricultural Solutions: Purchase Considerations for a Chemical Metering Pump


The chemical metering pump is a beneficial asset in agricultural operations. This product is designed to deliver chemicals and fluids for various applications in the general industrial sector. The main advantage of this device in agriculture is its ability to inject accurate volumes of fluid within a specified duration. The pump is particularly ideal when dealing with operations which require highly precise chemical quantities and have a strict dosing schedule. If you are thinking about getting a new metering pump, consider these factors before purchasing the product.

29 December 2016

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Seek Liquid Waste Removal Services


Liquid waste removal services handle the collection of different types of liquid waste from commercial, industrial, and residential establishments. The process entails vacuum loading of the liquid waste, water jetting the waste facilities and carting the waste away. This service is mainly geared toward business entities that handle large volumes of liquid waste on a daily basis. These include cafes, hotels, hospitality industry, manufacturers, laundry outlets, car washes, pet washers, blasting shops, etc.

23 November 2015