When to clean your septic tank


If you can describe septic tanks in one word, it is inconspicuous. If you just woke up and thought of the septic tanks outside your house, they probably drew your attention. As septic tanks help you treat the waste flowing out of your home, they require a little maintenance. You can know for sure that your septic tanks need cleaning if you notice;

Sewage flowing back

It usually starts with the bathrooms on the lower parts of the house where you see water in the toilet bowls rising. If you hesitate, the house can flood. Do not waste a moment when you notice a sewage backup, call septic tank cleaning experts to avoid further damage.

Water drains slowly

If the water and sewerage drain slowly, it might be a sign of a blocked drain or a problem with the septic tank. Either way, avoid dumping any more waste down the drain do not take chances, call your plumber to diagnose and fix the problem for you to prevent damage. It can be a sign that your septic tank needs cleaning.

Grass is greener near the tank

If the lawn around your septic tank grows better than other grass in the garden, do not regard it an ordinary occurrence. It signifies a leaking septic tank or sewer pipe. In extreme circumstances, the grass can turn blackish and rot. This commonly happens if it rained and the grass was buried under stagnant water. Grass does not usually rot after a day or two submerged; it takes longer, that can be a sign that the rain water mixed with sewage.


If the area around your septic tank is flooded, there is no question about what you need to do. It is usually a result of the septic tank being full. Treat this as an emergency as well; it poses health and safety hazards to you, the kids and pets.


If you notice the smell of sewage coming from the area around the septic tank, the likely cause is that the septic tank is leaking or overflowing. You might also notice more flies around; they also tend to be bigger than the flies you have seen around. All these signs show that you need your septic tank cleaned.

Be proactive

However, you don't have to wait for the warning signs, if you avoid letting solids into the drain your septic tank will stay cleaner for longer. Also, if your septic tank was cleaned more than three years ago, it is wise to call a septic tank cleaning company and have it cleaned. For more information, contact companies like Able Liquid Waste Pty Ltd.


22 May 2017

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