What You Should Consider When Hiring a Skip Bin


Gone are the days when neighbourhoods would just pile up their garbage in a corner of their street. Apart from health risks associated with such waste disposal methods, a pile of garbage can tarnish the overall image of your home or neighbourhood. The best alternative is a skip bin, which you can hire from various waste disposal companies. With a hired skip bin, all you have to do is put all your waste in the bin. It is the responsibility of the hiring company to collect and dispose the waste. This is a more convenient method of keeping your home and its surrounding clean. As you search for a hiring company, you should consider the following.

Type and Quantity of Waste

An important factor to consider is what type of waste is going to be put in the skip bin. The type of waste will determine the type of skip bin you should hire. Waste is categorized into four main types – rims, tyres, hard fill, green waste, and general waste. For most homes, their waste category would be general waste, which includes household wastes.

In addition, you should evaluate the quantity of waste that is going to be disposed into a particular skip bin. Different skip bins have different capacities, and you do not want to get one that is either too big or too small.


The first thing to consider here is your council regulations. In some local councils, it is illegal to place a skip bin in a public area or location. If you live in such places, you cannot place your skip bin on a pathway, easements, roads, or other public land. So even as you want the skip bin as far away from your home as possible, take note of the regulations. In addition, place your skip bin where the hiring company can easily access for collection and dropping of the bin.


One of the reasons you are hiring a skip bin is to keep your home and environment clean. A clean environment safeguards your health, by keeping away disease-causing organisms. When disposing off your wastes to the skip bin, you should be aware that contact with some wastes or residues can pose serious health risks. For instance, things like adhesive materials, gutters, fascias, vinyl floor tiles, and wall sheetings may contain asbestos. If are you planning to hire a skip bin that allows you to dispose of such wastes, you should first contact an asbestos removal company to inspect the materials in your home.


24 January 2017

Hiring a Skip Bin for Your Fast Food Business

When I started my fast food business, I completely underestimated the amount of waste that my customers would produce. On a busy Saturday night, hundreds of burger boxes and soft drink cans are throw away. The bins I had were nowhere near big enough to deal with all the waste. I would often have to spend all morning picking up trash before I could open up for business. Eventually, I hired some larger skip bins and ever since then I haven't had a problem with trash being thrown on the floor outside my business. I started this blog so I could offer advice to others about sanitation needs.