Agricultural Solutions: Purchase Considerations for a Chemical Metering Pump


The chemical metering pump is a beneficial asset in agricultural operations. This product is designed to deliver chemicals and fluids for various applications in the general industrial sector. The main advantage of this device in agriculture is its ability to inject accurate volumes of fluid within a specified duration. The pump is particularly ideal when dealing with operations which require highly precise chemical quantities and have a strict dosing schedule. If you are thinking about getting a new metering pump, consider these factors before purchasing the product. 


The construction of the chemical metering pump will determine the longevity and even daily performance after installation. Therefore, you should evaluate the type of material used in manufacturing the pump in relation to the pertinent agricultural chemical. In general, you should consider potential reactions such as erosion and corrosion as well as the ability of solvents to dissolve some materials. There are numerous suitable materials to consider, including polyvinyl chloride, stainless steel and polyvinylidene fluoride. All these are strong and durable, but they are not suitable for pumping all chemicals. Make a detailed comparison before making your decision.

Nature of the Chemicals

Agricultural chemicals are usually made in different formulations, depending on the specific constituents and even convenience. You should evaluate a metering pump's ability to handle the nature of chemicals you would like to pump. The standard pump in the market is designed for handling fluids with the viscosity of water or at least similar viscosity. Fluids with higher viscosity or those with some suspension might require pumps with special liquid ends. If the chemical has considerable solids or is extremely viscous, you should choose a pump with a special diaphragm to provide better evacuation.

Power Options

There are different suitable driver powering options for a chemical metering pump. The right choice for your agricultural setup will depend on the utilities that are available within your property. Moreover, you should consider the long-term energy and subsequent costs of operating the unit. Electricity is the most convenient choice since almost all properties are part of the grid. However, if you want a renewable energy option in your set-up, you can choose air or solar power. The right choice can minimise your long-term energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Flow Rate

Finally, you should consider the flow rate supported by the pump that you would like to purchase. You should determine the maximum flow rate expected after installation and then purchase a pump with slightly higher capacity. This will provide optimal performance without causing pump stress.


29 December 2016

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