4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Seek Liquid Waste Removal Services


Liquid waste removal services handle the collection of different types of liquid waste from commercial, industrial, and residential establishments. The process entails vacuum loading of the liquid waste, water jetting the waste facilities and carting the waste away. This service is mainly geared toward business entities that handle large volumes of liquid waste on a daily basis. These include cafes, hotels, hospitality industry, manufacturers, laundry outlets, car washes, pet washers, blasting shops, etc.

If your business falls in the same category, liquid waste removal services are vital to you for a number of reasons.

To sanitize your premises

The most important reason why you should contact a liquid waste removal company is to sanitize your work area by getting rid of the accumulated liquid waste. By doing so, you get to keep your property habitable and hygienic. Hoarding large amounts of liquid waste increases risks of water pollution and air pollution. Such waste also poses the risk of seepage and causing contamination in adjacent properties or to the environment.

Free up storage space for more waste

Almost every business that deals with large amounts of liquid waste has a storage tank within their facility. This tank is used to hold the waste waster temporarily. When the tank reaches the emptying level, around three-quarters, it is important to seek a pump-out service. This will allow you to create enough space for future storage, thus avoiding the need for emergency waste removal at a later date.

To allow proper treatment of your waste at an external facility

Another important reason why every business should seek liquid waste removal is so as to allow the proper treatment of the said waste. Liquid waste removalists have the proper facilities needed to treat liquid waste; most businesses do not. These removal services therefore allow the waste to go to people who can treat the water for recycling purposes, helping reduce overall water wastage and helping to dispose any non-recyclable materials safely in land fill sites.

To clean up site contaminations

In some cases, liquid waste removal services are not planned for; they are borne out of necessities, e.g. accident emergencies. Where liquid materials such as water, petroleum fuel, beverages, slurry or wash water needs to be collected, liquid waste removalists take the front line in cleaning up the mess. If your business has such a contamination on site, these are right people to call. They can respond immediately and take the needed steps to rehabilitate your business premises.

When contacting a liquid waste removal service, be sure to explain the type of waste you have so that the right facilities are provided for its extraction.


23 November 2015

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When I started my fast food business, I completely underestimated the amount of waste that my customers would produce. On a busy Saturday night, hundreds of burger boxes and soft drink cans are throw away. The bins I had were nowhere near big enough to deal with all the waste. I would often have to spend all morning picking up trash before I could open up for business. Eventually, I hired some larger skip bins and ever since then I haven't had a problem with trash being thrown on the floor outside my business. I started this blog so I could offer advice to others about sanitation needs.